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Deep Dive Data Analytics
We analyze the percentages of online sales, compare results to industry averages, and explore offers sent to clients. We evaluate complex life-cycles and connect clients to our network of top email service providers. Together, we work with clients to create compelling and relevant email marketing solutions, that drive ROI & accelerate growth.


Creative Content & Design

We bring strategy to life through eye-catching creative design. We develop engaging visuals, evoking a personalized experience between client and customer. We hook your customer base and nurture long term customers. Our designs are mobile optimized, incorporate responsive designs, and create optimal viewing experiences.


Tested Strategic Solutions
We target, test, and develop strategic solutions. We create targeted customer campaigns, personalized communications; ensuring successful client-offer matchup. We test, we assess, we learn, and then we test again. We research, make predictions, test the theories, and evaluate the outcomes. And then we repeat.


Evolved Testing Strategy

We evolve testing strategy, including optimized A/B and Multivariate tests that target: subject lines, offers, offer positioning, creatives, copy, timing frequencies, and calls-to- action. Through testing and benchmarking, we create campaigns that are data-supported to achieve the highest open rate, click rate, and conversions.


Customer and Revenue Growth
We enable our clients to achieve revenue growth of up to 200%. We specialize and deploy dynamic campaigns and provide strategic support at every stage and offer clients clear, concise reporting.

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