SellUP offers businesses progressively Advanced Email Marketing Services, utilizing
Deep-Data Analytics & Segmentation
to secure more sales and a higher rate of retention.

SellUP is involved in every step of the email marketing lifecycle.


By studying the percentage of online sales, comparing results to industry averages, and analyzing offers sent to clients, we create compelling and relevant email marketing solutions that propel clients to Click, Respond, and Act!


Consumer Targeting:

Consumer recipients are classified into categories and receive personalized, targeted communications, ensuring successful client-offer matchup.

Trial & Assessment:

Prospective emails and communications are tested on specific customer sets to assist in outcome prediction of upcoming campaigns and maximize profit and effectiveness.


Innovative emails with strong, creative subject lines maximize inbox receipts and bypass spam traps and honey pots that prevent consumers from receiving communications.


We specialize in eye catching content creation and management, focusing on fashioning an inviting and appealing user experience while crafting the perfect strategy to hook your customer base.

Mobile Optimization: Advanced campaigns possess responsive design, creating optimal viewing experience and ensuring successful click-through capabilities for mobile users


Once the strategy is developed, SellUP will create an extensive testing program, including A/B and Multivariate tests on SUBJECT LINE, OFFER, OFFER POSITIONING, CREATIVE, COPY, TIMING, FREQUENCY & CALLS-TO-ACTION.

Through testing and benchmarking, we ensure that you have the strongest possible message to send to your customers, ones that have scientifically proven themselves to have the highest Open Rate, highest Click-Rate and the highest Sales.


Promotional Emails:
Maintain your presence with a customized stream of selected offers

Automated Sends/Welcome Cascades:
Snag customers immediately following list sign-up with powerful, persuasive correspondence

Triggered Campaigns:
Capitalize on an initial connection and utilize auto-response emails to thank clients for a survey or for leaving feedback, offering a new promotion

Shopping Cart/ Browse Abandon:
Encourage customers to follow through on interest with shopping cart reminders for recently viewed items

Provide valuable tips and guidance, as well as establish a rapport with your clients, via informational and personal e-newsletters

Welcome Offers:
Present additional incentives via email to visit your website or purchase more products and gain customer allegiance

Consumer Reengagement:
Offer non-active consumers a fresh incentive for relationship re-establishment


SellUP works with your marketing team or agency to develop & deploy your new email marketing program. We have relationships with most of the largest Email Service Providers, and know their systems well, so we know how to get your emails loaded, approved & delivered.

We offer clients clear and concise reporting on the program’s success, making it easy for clients to see, at a glance, performance improvements & opportunities.


Our Work Gets Results!

We will improve your marketing tactics at every step of the way and our Clients see revenue growth of up to 300%!  At SellUP, we support our reputation with a performance-based, commission-only policy, producing greater customer retention, more product sales, and increased bottom line.

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