SellUP & SailThru: Predicting The Future (or something like that)

It goes without saying that customer acquisition is vital to the success of any business in the retail and media spaces. But we need to say it – not to simply drive this point home, but to begin to address the bigger picture. When developing marketing strategies, there can be a tendency to expend the majority of time and effort focusing on acquisition.


How do we get people to buy our product or service?


While this is significant question to answer, it is important to ask a follow-up question. Then what? If your goal for a customer acquisition is a single purchase, you can stop reading. For those of you interested in innovative ways to not only acquire but retain customers, read on as we discuss SailThru’s Prediction Manager, a groundbreaking tool that’s making marketing smarter.


Sailthru Prediction Manager enables brands to drive more intelligent marketing with greater insights on consumer behavior, including highly accurate individualized predictions. Prediction Manager is built-in to SailThru’s Customer Retention Cloud, so it’s easy to set up, integrate, and manage predictions across email, mobile and web.


So, how does it work? SailThru has developed advanced algorithms designed to capture data left behind by consumer engagement. This information is learned and interpreted, resulting in real-time predictions about consumer purchasing and engagement behaviors, even which specific products piqued their interest.


With these predictions at your disposal, you can approach retention with more focus, as if you’re reading your consumers’ minds. And let’s face it, with technology advancing at the speed of light, retention is often a matter of who’s quickest to draw. With the Prediction Manager, you can form more specific strategies based on consumer behavior, target people who are most likely to buy, and personalize and optimize content to more specific segments.


But does it actually work? Numbers never lie.


Retail: Rent The Runway

  • 28% reduction in desktop email acquisition cost
  • 40% reduction in mobile acquisition cost
  • New customers expected to be 28% more valuable in next year


Media: SheKnows

  • 45% – 49% reduction in email acquisition cost
  • 63% – 107% increase in page views
  • higher expected value per subscriber


At SellUP, a team of experts is dedicated to integrating SailThru’s technology for their clients. SellUP leverages the Prediction Manager to significantly increase sales and engagement and decrease email frequency for people most likely to opt out. With this partnership, you get the best of both worlds. SellUP understands the lifecycle of email marketing and consumer tendencies, and SailThru provides smart data and the predictions necessary to present the right kind of messaging to subscribers at the right time.


Cold lead generation and segmenting our databases and email lists based solely on open and clickthrough rates are antiquated. There’s a better way. We have better information. You just have to know how to reach out and grab it. SailThru knows how to grab it.

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