Case Studies


SellUP looked for a viable cause for emailing their unsubscribed members, and found a solution. Sending Transactional emails to unsubscribed members is legal according to CAN-SPAM. The “Resubscribe Campaign” began in December 2013, a permissible transactional-based email campaign to S4A’s lost members.


An email was sent showing the products of the customers’ previous purchase along with a thank-you message. At the bottom of the email was a short message as follows:

“You had previously requested to unsubscribe from our email list and are no longer receiving messages about great deals like these. Click here to rejoin our email list.”

This campaign was initially sent to everyone who had previously unsubscribed between 6-24 months. The campaigns now setup to go out to all customers 6-months after their purchases if they had unsubscribed.


S4A had 45,000 re-subscriptions as of Feb-Mar 2015. Resubscription emails currently account for 25% of email promotion revenue and growing.

Quote from SwimsuitsForAll Head of Marketing, Bobby Missry:

“SellUP exemplifies the phrase ‘Strategy & Execution’.” Their deep commitment to robust data analytics is aligned with 110% execution. Since our partnership in 2008, we’ve continued to see tremendous lifts in revenue annually. SellUP made email marketing a cornerstone of our business.”

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Cookies Pre-Black Friday Email Creative


SellUp and Cookie’s Kids incentivized customers to shop before (not just during) Black Friday.

Cookie’s Kids offered a good promotion along with an offer for store credit to be used on any Black Friday promotion. Cookie’s Kids emailed their customers in the days prior to Black Friday with the store credit promotion. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving they sent an email letting customers know a $10 credit was in their account, along with a special code for the Black Friday offer.


The Black Friday Presale messaging generated an additional 30% of the Black Friday sales and vs. Previous Year sales were up 50%. The early buyers played a significant role in the increase as the email got the customer to come back and spend more within a week of their initial purchase.

Cookie’s Kids and SellUp found a way to create value out of slow business days and captured even more value out of one of the busiest days of the year.

Quote from Benjamin DeVries, Director Of Marketing, Cookies Kids.

“It’s hard to overstate the importance of Black Friday to a retailer like us: if we don’t figure out a way to stand out from competitors in the email inbox, we’re leaving a lot of money on the table. SellUp helped us to devise a solution to our Black Friday conundrum, not with pie-in-the-sky offers or publicity stunts, but with real incentives that really worked. We’ll be relying on them next Black Friday to help us keep our promotions fresh and effective.”

Swimsuits For All Email With Moveable ink


In the morning of March 12th, Sellup rolled an offer out to segments of their list. Over the next two days, they adjusted the creative three times with updated promotions. In testing, SellUP identified that the best use of this was on a standard offer being sent right before a very big offer. Movable Ink allowed SellUP to alternate the creatives being sent in a single email to swimsuitsforall’s list. Over the course of 3 days, SellUP adjusted the creative to include relevant offers and remove promotions as they expired. The email creatives included timers counting down to the end of the sales. The final version of the creative to be sent out would include a “last chance” promotion. This gave customers the most up to date offer at the time they opened the email.


SellUP split a small segment of both buyers and non-buyers in swimsuitsforall’s database. Half received an email including a Movable Ink offer. The other half received the standard offer that didn’t change. Of the two groups that got the Movable Ink offer generated 30% more orders. On average there was over a 20% increase in orders using Movable ink.

Quote from SwimsuitsForAll Head of Marketing, Bobby Missry:

““SellUP has allowed swimsuitsforall’s email marketing efforts to flourish for years. They are constantly offering our business new technology to improve our campaigns and bring us to the forefront of our industry. SellUP’s partnership with Movable Ink. has given S4A the ability to offer our customers the best promotions at an optimal time. Check out this case study for an example.”