Optimize Email Acquisition Spend Case Study: CertainSource

/Optimize Email Acquisition Spend Case Study: CertainSource
Optimize Email Acquisition Spend Case Study: CertainSource 2018-08-02T19:13:59+00:00


CertainSource (www.certainsource.com)


CertainSource is an email marketing platform which enables you to know, in real time, and with precision detail, your top performing click sources. The very sites, keywords, sub-ids, landing pages, articles, or links that drive your best performing new customers and prospects.

The fickle attitude of mainstream retailers to stocking plus-sizes has driven shoppers to e-commerce sites — where there’s more variety and consistency — at a faster rate than other shoppers. Swimsuits For All needed to capture a growing share of traffic for plus-sized swimsuits as shoppers go online to find the best styles and fit. With a limited acquisition budget, the key challenge for Swimsuits For All was how to maximize the effectiveness of the money it spends to get the most and the best new customer leads to its website.

SellUP partnered with CertainSource and their acquisition platform to solve the problem of maximizing the number of new email subscribers for CRM purposes and customer leads driven to Swimsuits For All’s website. By using ClickSource to optimize its acquisition spend, Swimsuits for All and SellUP are able to:

  • Standardize performance metrics across all acquisition vendors and channels
  • Test new vendor and channel sources easily and cost effectively
  • Turn off low performing click sources
  • Provide real time transparency into performance at the click source level
  • Increase volume from top performing sources

“By using the data provided by CertainSource tying conversion rates of new prospects back to their original click sources, SellUP is able to negotiate lower CPLs from poorer performing sources, while at the same time invest more into those sources providing the best overall conversion rates.” says Allan Levy, CEO of SellUP. “Over time, we’re delivering more conversions for the same spend.”.

  • Swimsuits For All’s AOV increased over 22% in the first 6 months of optimizing with CertainSource platform.
  • 27% total subscriber growth
  • 4x ROAS – Return on Ad Spend – for new subscribersibers
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