jClub Split Test Leads to Increase in Revenue

Client: jClub (www.jclub.com)

jClub is a deals site that offers deep discounts on products across a wide variety of categories including apparel, beauty, electronics, home, shoes, handbags, luggage, watches, fragrance, designer and branded goods.

The online retailer sends daily emails featuring hot new deals to more than half a million customers. However, the template jClub was using failed to represent the wide breadth of product offerings on the site.

SellUP created a template highlighting the day’s offers plus navigation tabs on the bottom linking to all of jClub’s product categories. The tabs would hopefully remind customers that jClub always has hundreds of deals beyond the products offered in that day’s email and prompt some recipients to click on the category of their choice and visit jClub.com.


One email can only contain so much. As a result, jClub was concerned that its daily deals email might have limited appeal to customers who purchased in categories not represented in a particular day’s message.  An email highlighting apparel and bedding might have little to no appeal to someone who was primarily an electronics customer even though there would be electronics deals on the site.

One possible solution would be to segment the house file and send different messages to different customers. However, segmenting would require a massive increase in creative assets.

SellUP and jClub were challenged with increasing the daily emails’ appeal without overly taxing jClub’s creative team.


SellUP decided to test navigation tabs on the bottom of the template and offer links to nine categories of products beyond the deals in the email itself. The idea was that if the offers in the email had little appeal to specific recipients, the tabs would remind them there were always other deals on the site in other categories that might.

SellUP split-tested the email template with navigation tabs against the old one without. Each of the two templates were sent to half of jClub’s house file, making the test results statistically significant.


The template with nine navigation tabs achieved a 14.3 percent boost in clicks, a 13.25 percent increase in orders, a 5.63 percent increase in average order values and, most importantly, a 19.63 increase in revenue over the template without navigation tabs.

Through testing, jClub and SellUP found an innovative and simple way to significantly increase jClub’s daily emails’ appeal without significantly increasing jClub’s creative costs or overly complicating its creative-asset management.

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