Dynamic Email Messaging With Movable Ink Case Study: Swimsuits For All

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Swimsuits For All (www.swimsuitsforall.com)


Swimsuits For All is an online retailer of swimwear for Plus-sized Women.

Movable Ink is a Contextual Email Marketing platform that understands the context of users and dynamically changes content at the moment of open. Since 2005, swimsuitsforall’s unique perspective on female beauty has made them a leader in swimwear for curvy women. Movable Ink is able to change creative after it is emailed out to customers, offering customers the most up to date promotions.

“SellUP has allowed swimsuitsforall’s email marketing efforts to flourish for years. They are constantly offering our business new technology to improve our campaigns and bring us to the forefront of our industry. SellUP’s partnership with Movable Ink. has given S4A the ability to offer our customers the best promotions at an optimal time. Check out this case study for an example.”
Bobby Missry, SwimsuitsForAll Head of Marketing
SellUP wanted to test how Movable Ink’s technology could improve swimsuitsforall’s sales. Movable Ink allows swimsuitsforall to customize their email creative with real time countdown timers, and even alternating creative based on the time of open. Movable Ink makes it possible for swimsuitsforall to even change their email creative after a customer has opened it. If a customer opened a regular email a day after receiving it, the promotion they received could expire. Movable Ink eliminates this issue because customers will receive the most up to date promotion instead of opening an expired offer.

In the morning of March 12th, SellUP rolled an offer out to segments of their list. Over the next two days, they adjusted the creative three times with updated promotions. In testing, SellUP identified that the best use of this was on a standard offer being sent right before a very big offer. Movable Ink allowed SellUP to alternate the creatives being sent in a single email to swimsuitsforall’s list. Over the course of 3 days, SellUP adjusted the creative to include relevant offers and remove promotions as they expired. The email creatives included timers counting down to the end of the sales. The final version of the creative to be sent out would include a “last chance” promotion. This gave customers the most up to date offer at the time they opened the email.

SellUP split a small segment of both buyers and non-buyers in swimsuitsforall’s database. Half received an email including a Movable Ink offer. The other half received the standard offer that didn’t change. Of the two groups that got the Movable Ink offer generated 30% more orders. On average there was over a 20% increase in orders using Movable Ink.

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