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Why Do Consumers Buy? (Part IV: JCPenney’s Pricing Fumble)

By Joseph Orminski with Allan Levy Consumers like to feel smart. Any sense of achievement when shopping is a feather in their cap. The science of the sale is simple - it hypes consumer emotions. When people have emotional reactions, it’s something they want to talk about it. In retail, when they talk about it, [...]

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Using Last-Click Attribution? You’re Hurting Email: Part 3

By Ken Magill with Dela Quist  So once the email team shows management that email is driving vastly more sales than for which it gets credit, what should they do with that information?   In parts one and two of this series, we covered how last-click attribution fails to give email proper credit for the sales [...]

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Why Do Consumers Buy? (Part III) The Power of Exclusivity

  In the eyes of many, ‘luxury’ and ‘exclusivity’ are synonymous when it comes to branding. A large number of the luxury brands maintain their status purely because of their exclusivity, ensuring their products are coveted by many and owned by a few through prohibitive pricing and limited edition rollouts. Generally speaking, people want what [...]

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Using Last-Click Attribution? You’re Hurting Email: Part 2

By Ken Magill   So, last-click attribution fails to give email it's proper credit for the sales it drives. So what? Why should anyone care? The sales are still happening.   Well, if email is driving more sales than it’s getting credit for, then folks across all of marketing and sales should be interested in [...]

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Why Do Consumers Buy? (Part II: The Art of the Sale)

In Part I, we examined the buying process, giving insight into why consumers buy and the behaviors exhibited before, during, and after purchases are made. Now, let’s talk about the impact of sales. Everybody loves a good sale. But why? Why is it that consumers feel more inclined to act on a sale item? This [...]

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Using Last-Click Attribution? You’re Hurting Email: Part One

By Ken Magill If there is one area of marketing that has needed an overhaul for years, it’s sales and lead attribution. And current trends indicate that overhaul is finally in full swing.   In a world where last-click attribution is the most widely used metric for assigning lead and sales credit, email doesn’t get [...]

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Why Do Consumers Buy? (An Introduction)

Understanding the buying process is an integral part of developing a sound marketing strategy. From the early stages, in which consumers recognize a need and search for information, to the later stages, including purchase decisions and post-purchase behaviors, each step in the buying process reveals critical information that is useful to marketers. In this series, [...]

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The Power of Habit: Emotional Connection vs. Convenience

hab·it /ˈhabət/ noun   a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.   We are creatures of habit. From the moment we get up in the morning, our habits begin to affect how we function. Think about your morning routine – the order in which you perform your [...]

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