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Global E-Mail Marketing Market Analysis, Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, Threats, Trends, Applications, And Growth Forecast: 2019–2028

Alchemy Worx in the News: Read about the Global E-mail Marketing Analysis Here

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Marketers Looking at GDPR Upside Down

By Ken Magill Marketers are understandably concerned about the ramifications the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation will have on their permission practices. But those who are most concerned about GDPR may be taking the wrong approach to it. GDPR requires marketers doing business in Europe to get consent to process personally identifiable information from would-be [...]

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jClub Split Test Leads to Increase in Revenue

Client: jClub (www.jclub.com) jClub is a deals site that offers deep discounts on products across a wide variety of categories including apparel, beauty, electronics, home, shoes, handbags, luggage, watches, fragrance, designer and branded goods. The online retailer sends daily emails featuring hot new deals to more than half a million customers. However, the template jClub [...]

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Customer Data Platforms: What They Are, What They’re Not, Plus the Top Vendors

A CDP is an integrated customer database that unifies a company’s customer data from online and offline channels to enable modeling and drive customer experience. CDP addresses the need for marketers to access, analyze and act on their customer data across multiple channels, devices and life cycle stages. It’s not there to create another database [...]

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Once You Realize Emails Brand, You Look at them Differently

By Ken Magill with Dela Quist Pop quiz: Is email and branding or a direct-response marketing channel? Answer: Yes. And that answer should inform every organization’s email strategy. Viewing email as a direct-response AND branding mechanism is a big shift from the way email has been traditionally viewed. As discussed in this recent post, in [...]

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Putting DM Basics Back in Your Email Program

By Ken Magill for SellUP The “Father of Direct Marketing,” Lester Wunderman, once said the best DMers all have one trait in common: curiosity. And while any marketing program can benefit from its practitioners having a strong sense of curiosity, email can benefit from it most. Email’s cheapness allows for sloppy practices that would have [...]

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Three Possible GDPR Scenarios, says Expert

By Ken Magill When the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation goes into force, the big unknown is how European regulators plan to enforce it, especially since there are 28 independent Data Protection Authorities or one for each member of the EU. GDPR will require marketers, or data controllers as they’re referred to, to get consent [...]

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