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SellUp & Alchemy Worx

Partnering to Help You Grow Sales through Email Marketing.

As of April 2017, SellUP acquired Alchemy Worx to provide companies with the insight, strategy, and optimized email marketing programs to help achieve growth. With an in-house design and coding team, and data scientists, both SellUP and Alchemy Worx have developed relationships with “larger companies reaching beyond retail” (Email Marketing Daily).They’ve further developed their technology, building data analytics software to optimize sales and communication for online retailers. Together, they provide cutting-edge technology for clients and a combined team of 50 industry experts.

SellUP is an email marketing agency based in NYC, serving businesses worldwide. We manage and optimize email marketing programs. Since 2007, SellUP has helped businesses grow their bottom line through unique email marketing services. We provide analytics-driven email services for online retailers, service companies, B2B, and e-commerce.

SellUP Services

  • Full-service email marketing consulting

  • Analyzing and segmenting email lists

  • Selecting a mailing style and frequency

  • Creative design and production

  • Strategy development
  • Performance Analysis


  • Custom 4x a week emails
  • Trigger campaigns
  • Welcome and confirmation email modifications

  • Data driven creative

Since 2001, Alchemy Worx has provided planning, design, copywriting, production, testing, and analysis of email campaigns for international brands. In addition to London, it has offices in Atlanta, San Diego, and Sydney. We currently create, manage, and deploy over 400 consumer and business emails every month for more than 40 national and international brands. We focus on services for Banks, Transportations, and B2B.

Alchemy Worx Services

  • Strategy
  • ESP Solutions
  • Design
  • Content

  • HTML coding

  • Deployment services
  • Reporting & analytics


  • Leading implementer of Intelligent Automation (message delivery, content, analytics and optimization whatever the ESP), allowing our clients to send highly personalized messages to everyone all the time.
  • Developed an industry-leading subject line tool: Touchstone, using an ever-expanding database of 21 billion emails to instantly predict open, click and delivery rates before campaigns are sent. According to Smart Insights, this may eliminate the need to A/B test subject lines.
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