Our Team


Allan Levy Allan Levy CEO

Allan is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience building and managing companies. Starting SellUP in 2007, his vision was to help retailers maximize their return on retention through smart data analytics and design. Allan sits on several nonprofit boards, primarily focusing on education and entrepreneurship. He enjoys biking, running and collecting artwork.

Isaac Esses Isaac Esses Account Executive

Isaac enjoys traveling the world, playing sports and listening to a wide range of music including Dave Matthews band and Swedish House Mafia at the office.

Robert Varon Robert Varon Sales & Outreach Coordinator

Rob loves exploring NYC. Despite spending a good portion of his life there, he still has so much to explore. He has eaten at over 300 different restaurants and walked a good percentage of Manhattan. During his sophomore year at college, he was a wide receiver for his intramural football team that won the championship.

Gianna Villavicencio Gianna Villavicencio Creative Director

Gianna likes to read, write, watch plays and sing karaoke with friends. She is a big fan of ice cream, tea, hoodies and zombie stories.

Bill Deng Bill Deng Data Analyst

Bill has always been curious to explore and try new things. He loves designing, music, dogs and outdoor activities. With a background of working in graphic design and the market research industry, Bill is now exploring the fusion of the science of data and the art of designing.

Nancy Anteby Nancy Anteby Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

Nancy has three years of experience managing social media for various organizations. She loves photography, traveling and going to concerts. Nancy’s attention to detail allows her to express her creativity both in the office and in the art studio.


Mark Sangatanan Mark Sangatanan Creative Designer

Mark S. enjoys playing computer games and sports like volleyball, badminton, table tennis and basketball. Listening to music and watching TV shows & movies are his favorite past time.

Ronnie Canteros Ronnie Canteros Email Campaign Manager

Ronnie likes to play computer games, listen to music, hang out with friends and watch TV shows, movies and sports. He wants to travel someday and try other adventures he has yet to experience.

Lemuel Cariñote Lemuel Cariñote Lead Engineer

Lemuel has been in the email marketing industry since 2008. Lemuel loves to take photos, surf the web, listen to music and keep in the know about the latest in technology.

Mark Anthony Fernandez Mark Anthony Fernandez Creative Designer

Mark Anthony loves video and photo editing, as well as audio remixing. Mark plays various musical instruments, including guitar and piano.

Jolly Rose Quintal Jolly Rose Quintal Creative Designer

Jolly Rose has a passion for design. She loves to draw, color, cut and create. Although she pursued an academic rather than creative path in school, she has always enjoyed art.

Ella May Cabalo Ella May Cabalo Email Campaign Manager

Ella May loves to spend her free time watching Korean TV series and eating.

Mark Nayve Mark Nayve Email Campaign Manager

Mark N.’s main interest in life is self-improvement, in both technical and non-technical skills. Secondly, he’s interested in gathering creative ideas online and transforming them into something profitable.

Mark Christian Flores Mark Christian Flores Email Campaign Manager

Mark Christian enjoys tasks that challenge him and make him able to think outside the box. He loves listening to music, watching TV shows and movies and also checking some channel blogs, because one day he wants to become a successful blogger.

Rudolph Allen Pato Rudolph Allen Pato Email Campaign Manager

Rudolph indulges in music and reading. He is an avid gamer and a proud environmentalist.

Nicko Gatchalian Nicko Gatchalian Creative Designer

Nicko is a family man first. He is compassionate, funny and curious. Nicko loves editing videos, playing computer games and cooking. He wants to travel the world with his own plane one day.

Aurea Diamante Aurea Diamante Creative Designer

Aurea loves playing online video games. She is a fun person, a pet lover and a kid at heart. She usually does arts and crafts in her free time.

Rachel Edejer Rachel Edejer Creative Designer

Rachel is a digital art hobbyist and an animal lover. She loves to spend her free time listening to music and reading blogs. She’s also a fan of food, art and bands.

Brayan James Apostol Brayan James Apostol Email Campaign Manager

Brayan is a funny person, but a well-oriented man when it comes to his job. He loves to spend his free time playing games and surfing the internet for self-learning purposes. He also loves watching action and historical movies. Brayan wants to travel and eat around the world with his love..

David Timothy David Timothy Email Campaign Manager

David is a friendly person, but he has a serious side too. He loves watching and playing sports – especially basketball and mixed martial arts. He also enjoys watching anime and playing computer or mobile games. David is currently a leadership trainee at his church.

Sherlyn Catacutan Sherlyn Catacutan Email Campaign Manager

Sherlyn is an optimistic person who loves the smell of fresh coffee. She likes to travel and explore new things. During her free time, she loves listening to music and watching TV shows or movies. Sherlyn is also a pet lover.