Career Opportunities with SellUP Inc.

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Senior Data Analytics Manager


SellUP is an email marketing agency that offers businesses progressively advanced email marketing services, utilizing time tested methods and procedures to secure a higher rate of customer retention.  The Data Analytics & Reporting Department plays a crucial role in the company’s mission by providing clients accurate and timely reporting that include advanced analytics of email marketing campaigns.

In the reporting and analytics process, the team dissects and analyzes the email list, mailing style, and frequency to determine the campaign quality, health, and effectives. The analysts then construct a customized strategy that is perfectly suited for the clients’ needs.

We are looking for a Senior Data Analytics Manager to join our team and whose primary responsibility will be to manage the data analytics and reporting process of our New York and Global teams.


  • 2+ years of experience in a role that required advanced analytics, extensive reporting, and abstracting insights/recommendations from large datasets
  • 4+ years management experience
  • University Degree in science, computer science, statistics, economics, mathematics, or similar quantitative discipline
  • Excellent knowledge of Tableau and Excel (VLookups, Index, Match, SUMIFS, COUNTIFS functions a must)

Preferred Skills & Experience

  • Project Management Experience
  • Management and communication with globally dispersed teams
  • Coding and Database Skills
  • Knowledge of Email Service Provider Platforms and email campaign building

What You’ll Do

  • Manage an efficient, comprehensive, and accurate reporting & analytics reporting process done by on-shore and offshore teams
  • Perform comprehensive analyses on large sets of email marketing data to extract actionable insights to help drive customer and internal decisions
  • Communicate data-driven insights and recommendations for client and internal use
  • Develop thorough understanding of email user data flow and recommend best practices to streamline data flow, processes and related standards
  • Serve as subject matter expert for changes to Tableau, Excel, and the data analytics & reporting process  
  • Work closely with cross-functional teams of data analysts, designers, client service managers, and others across the company who are passionate about the company’s success
  • Develop self-serve reports, internal controls, and proofing checklists to monitor customer email data hygiene
  • Develop and maintain internal and external controls to store and retrieve client data, reports, marketing material, and other data